Sailing in Style by Dana Mentink

Sailing in Style

Fledgling decorator Cy Franco has an impossible mission; to turn the water damaged reception room of an historic inn into a showplace fit for the spectacular private wedding of a celebrity actor couple. The sticky wicket? The work must be done without disturbing any of the guests and the River King Inn happens to be a paddlewheel steamboat. For Cy it’s a golden opportunity to support Dollars and Sense, a decorating company owned by Cy and his sister Rosa. And really, he can’t exactly refuse the work, since he was the one who caused the damage in the first place when he caught site of a woman from his past, Piper Brindle, the lady who stole his heart (and his pickup truck.)

Missing jewelry and jilted lovers? Slipcovers and celebrities? Paintbrushes and painful pasts? It’s going to be a tumultuous journey on this river boat cruise.

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