Race to Rescue by Dana Mentink

Race to Rescue


Those were her brother’s last words before their phone connection was lost. So Anita Teel rushes to Arizona to find her only relative right away. But no one–from his employer to the police–will take her seriously. Except for Booker Scott, the hardened rancher whose heart she broke. Now, Anita has no choice but to put her fragile trust in Booker once again. As they race across the deadly desert, the rescue mission becomes a test–a challenge to see if they can overcome their pride, and their past, in time to save her brother’s life.

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User Reviews

“I enjoyed this book very much. It was fast paced and I didn’t find that there were any incidents that were created just to fill the pages of the book.

Anita Teel returns to a ranch where she had fled at one time to get away from Booker, the man that was very near to proposing to her, to find her brother. She was supposed to meet her brother Drew at a predesignated location and he never showed, but a couple days later received a distressed call from him telling her he was injured and the last word he said before abruptly hanging up was ‘murder’.

When Anita runs into Booker they find that their feelings for each other are still strong although she is not going to admit it. While she, due to a previous relationship feels that he couldn’t possibly love her, he is hurt with her because of something she did that has cost him severe financial hardship and betrayal.

Booker offers to help Anita find Drew and that is where it goes…

I enjoyed the twists and turns very much…. I just wish that it hadn’t ended so abruptly after everything fell into place. This is the ONLY reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. I turned the page to read more and found the following page was the author’s note.” ~Toddee62 (Amazon Review)