Honey Creek Treasure Hunt by author Dana Mentink

Honey Creek Treasure Hunt

In 1978, the tiny town gold rush town of Honey Creek tucked in California’s Sierra foothills is a throwback to a simpler time.

When former world class pianist Alexi Quinn arrives, he intends to stay no longer than it takes to save up bus fare to escape, taking the only job he can find, writing crossword puzzles for The Mountain Holler newspaper. What’s a five letter word for failure? A-l-e-x-i.

When an earthquake strikes the town, the church’s historic statue, the Hope Angel, falls and loses her head. Inside the statue is a clue to a treasure hidden decades before. The find sets off a treasure hunt with people flocking into Honey Creek to discover where the cache of gold nuggets is hidden. Townspeople come out of the woodwork with their own theories about where to find the stash.

The stage is set for a hilarious, heartwarming adventure that could only take place in the odd little town of Honey Creek, the perfect place for not so simple folk who long for small town life and big time miracles. If you love the Mitford series, you’ll enjoy your time in Honey Creek.

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