Fog Over Finny's Nose by Dana Mentink

Fog Over Finny’s Nose

For Ruth Budge, the worm business is thriving until a disembodied toe turns up on the golf course and members of a strange cult begin to infiltrate the quiet seaside town of Finny, California. Life is already crazy for forty-seven-year-old Ruth, juggling the needs of her worm farm, her new spouse and a platoon of crippled seabirds bequeathed to her by her dead husband. Then there’s the insanity swirling around the first ever Finny’ Fog Festival and the discovery of a bizarre diary from one of the town’s seediest ancestors. Things go from misty to murderous as a man plummets to his death from an exploding hot air balloon. Is the craziness a byproduct of the festival, or a decades old curse unearthed in an antique diary? Ruth had better find out fast, or her worms won’t be the only things six feet under.

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User Reviews

Dana has done it again, she can keep you in suspence and Ruth is a funny over the hill woman and she and her birds know everthing and everyone. But the toe was a mystery to her and her husband the cook. Those birds she keeps are a crazy bunch of misfits and I believe the whole town of Finny is also. There is always fog ane even a Fog Celebration for the town and people came from far and wide to it. The something shot up in the air and burned the hot air balloon and a man fell to this dealth so now they are trying to have a celebration with all this going on. But you will be surprised in the end who done it and it ended with a BANG. Dana is a VERY good writter to keep you guessing. I have read her blogs and websites and she is a great lady also. ~ Edna Tollison (Amazon Review)